Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sheets & Giggles

Our youngest son is typically the first to rise in the morning. He comes in, gets close to my face, and whispers to me that he's hungry. Then he stands there and repeats himself until I get up with him. It's been the morning routine for as long as I can remember.

Lately, rather than asking for breakfast and dragging me out of bed, he crawls into bed and wants to get between us. He loves being a "mom and dad sandwich." Then our older son wakes and crawls in, too. We start the morning with cuddles and giggles between the four of us. It's the happiest moment of the day for me. I feel complete, all cuddled up as a family. It's like those commercials with the happy shiny family in the sunny bedroom with the crisp, white sheets blowing in the breeze....yeah, that's us. 

My oldest son always comments on how comfy our bed is, which is hilarious because we have a crappy futon mattress that isn't really comfy at all. What I think he finds comfy is the comFORT being sandwiched between his mom, dad, and brother. It's the safest place in the entire world. And it's a great way to start their day. If all of us are in bed together giggling, all is right with the world.

When I find myself questioning my decision to stay, this family ritual brings me back to the present and reminds me of the bigger picture. These are the best days of my life. I REFUSE to let the past distract me from the present. No more! My kids are little, and if I blink they will be in college. I choose to enjoy today. 

And as I get ready to close the laptop tonight, I will look forward to my family sandwich tomorrow morning.

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