Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It's been a while since I've posted. I think that's a sign of progress. When things are okay, I don't feel the need to post. I primarily write to blow off steam. But here I am at the laptop tonight.

Feeling stuck. Again. Not crazy angry. Not devastated. Just....nothing. Dead inside. I frankly don't really care about my marriage at the moment. I know for a fact that I would be fine without my husband. Even if I started to miss him and wonder if I had made a mistake, all I would have to do is picture him screwing that little whore on top of her kids' car seats and I'd be fine. Because really, why do I need someone who was willing to risk losing me? Someone who put it all on the line - ready to throw it all away - just for a thrill with some whore he didn't even really care about?

Sure, now it's all different. Getting caught puts it all in perspective, and he NOW realizes how he was actually hurting me while fucking someone who could have been his daughter. Why is that? Why do men pull this shit off thinking they aren't doing any harm, and then they're busted and suddenly they'd do anything to take it all back so long as they don't lose you? Well that's swell. It's like a fricking child who finally gets caught doing something naughty, and they beg and beg for forgiveness and promise not to do it again.  It's just shame. Why is there no shame until the act is brought to light? Why was he not ashamed to bring her into my home and curse my sanctuary? Why was he not ashamed when he was paying the CVS clerk for the condoms he just picked out before his next escapade with her? Why was he not ashamed when he received a phone call from me while he was already on a call with her? Did that not REMIND him that he had a fucking WIFE???!?!!

So Sunday (three days ago) I was having a rough day. I was frustrated with the kids, confused about my career, and feeling just plain depressed. Instead of being tender and offering some help, he withdrew. Usually when he withdraws, he comes back around in a few hours, or at the very least, the next day. Not this time. It is now Wednesday and he's still as cold as ice. Granted, I am as well. But you'd think he'd still be in damage control mode and be at least acting like he cared. I'll tell you, if he doesn't care, then a sure as hell don't! I'm not going to beg for it! If he's not willing to fight for me after what he's done to me, then what reason do I have to fight for it??

He needs to prove to me that I need him in times like this, and at the moment he sure as hell isn't offering any counsel. He is only providing distance, which forces me to deal with the bullshit on my own. I can become pretty good at that.

What kind of marriage is this? What has happened to my perfect, happy life? The life in which I felt so secure? Everything is soooo effed up.  He has completely destroyed me, and us. Will it ever be normal again? I fear we will always be a "special needs" marriage, always walking with a limp.


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